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American University of Puerto Rico Health & Medical Nursing Assignment Help


Maricar Ranjo

Hello Everyone,

Negative stress can impact on well-being in many different ways such as having trouble sleeping, unhealthy food intake, unhealthy lifestyle or habits, less time for yourself, and may lead to overthink. Sleep is significant part of our mental health. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your body is probably not producing enough good hormones to get you into a healthy sleep pattern. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed, it can be easy to ignore the daily routines that help you feel good about yourself or helps you to unwind. Healthy diet takes an important role in reducing stress, it helps you to take in the nutrients that can reduce the stress and improve the blood flow such as omega 3s, vitamin E and poly phenols found in red white, blueberries and dark chocolate. However, the healthy diet won’t work for you to reduce stress then find alternatives to improve your positive lifestyle such as comfort food but also don’t consume too much of those because it’s not so healthy. Sleep does definitely reduce stress because you’re resting your mind and body from the stressors. It helps you to take a break from thinking of toxic thoughts that make you stress. Having a regular sleep routine calms and restores the body, improves concentration, regulates mood, and sharpens judgement and decision-making. 

Based from personal experience, I get stressed a lot from school work and other dilemmas so what I do is I listen to my emotions and my body. If my body is tired and my mind doesn’t have the energy to do school work, then I don’t force myself to do it. I just let my body rest and relax my mind for a bit before doing or starting work. In addition, another thing to help me reduce stress is to talk or hangout with friends or family and it helps you to keep your mind off about things that make you stressful. For me, it is extremely important to spend time to ourselves and incorporate a self care. Self-care is the time to stop having worries about whatever makes us stressed and think about well-being. We always put our health first because if we don’t know how to take care of ourselves then we won’t have the full capacity to make good decisions or create bad habits or lifestyle.

I hope everyone is able to take time to relax and not stress a lot about school and others. Do what you have do to help yourself not to stress. Remember, you’re not alone about stressing over online classes and its school work.


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