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Your “Application of Theoretical Concepts to Research” Paper is due this week. Your paper should contain the following sections:

  • Background: contains two subsections, which includes a brief description of the theorist and the phenomenon of concern in the theory.
  • Theory Description: a description of each of the concepts in the theory, a diagram of the theory, and a description of how the concepts are related.
  • An Evaluation of the Theory: a description of the theory’s weaknesses and how the metaparadigms are described in the theory.
  • Application of the Theory:
    • Describe two studies that used the theory as a framework for their study, including a description of how they operationalized the concepts.
    • How could you use the theory to research a phenomenon in your area of clinical practice? How would you operationalize the concepts?

You MUST use the attached template here to complete your paper.

The paper is to be thoroughly researched and well documented, with relevant material from the nursing theorists presented incorporated into the paper. Use the current edition of the APA Manual throughout the paper. Sources should focus on references from nursing theory but may also include conceptual and theoretical material from other professional domains. The paper, excluding references or appendices, is to be limited to 3-5 pages. Writing should be succinct and well organized, as it is impossible for the facilitator to evaluate form and content separately.

Here is the template to use:

Application of Theoretical Concepts to Research

Begin the first paragraph of your research paper with a half-inch indent. Each paragraph or section needs at least three sentences.  Here introduce the paper as a whole (theory you can use in your practice area).  Do not put an extra space between sections.


Theorist’s Background  

            Here introduce the theorist.  Talk about the background of the theorist.  The theorist’s place of birth or education is rarely important.  What was the theorist experiencing personally or professionally that motivated their research? 

Phenomenon of Concern  

            Here describe the phenomenon of concern.  A phenomenon is the term that describes an idea or response to an event or situation.  In Neuman’ Systems Model, the phenomena focus on stressors perceived by the patient.

Theory Description

Here describe the theory in general.  You will want to have three or more sentences here.  Try to find the theorist’s original article or study as your source.  Is it a grand theory or a middle-range theory?  What places the theory in that category?


            Describe the concepts that the theorist uses.  How does the theorist define each concept?     


            Cut and paste an image or diagram of the theory showing the concepts.  Make sure that you cite your source for the image.   


            How are each of the concepts related to one another.  In some cases, there is a two-way relationship.  In other cases, there may be a one-way continuum of relationships.



            What weaknesses do you see in the theory?  Does the theory leave unexamined concepts or gaps?  If you cannot find anything in the literature, you may have to evaluate the theory yourself to complete this section.


            Does the theory clearly describe the four metaparadigms?  If the theory does not describe the metaparadigms, describe how the theory addresses patient, environment, nursing, and health.  The theory may not address all four of the metaparadigms.


Studies That Used the Theory

            This section includes other studies or authors that used the theory as the basis for their research. Describe how the author operationalized the concepts of the theory to match the things they wanted to research.  Describe two studies.

Area of Practice

            Describe how you can use this theory in your area of practice.  What phenomenon would you research? How would you operationalize the concepts of the theory to your study?   


            Write 3 to 4 sentences.

Expert Solution Preview

The Application of Theoretical Concepts to Research paper requires students to analyze a nursing theory and its application to research. The paper should include several sections, such as background, theory description, evaluation, and application. The purpose of this assignment is to encourage students to critically examine a nursing theory, understand its concepts and relationships, and explore its practical implications in their area of clinical practice.

To begin the paper, students should introduce the theory they will be utilizing in their practice area. It is important to provide a brief overview of the theory and its relevance to their field of study. This introduction should also spark the reader’s interest and provide a clear roadmap for the rest of the paper.

In the background section, students should present information about the theorist’s background. This includes discussing the theorist’s personal and professional experiences that motivated their research. It is important to focus on the theorist’s contributions to nursing theory and their impact on the field.

Next, students should describe the phenomenon of concern in the theory. This involves explaining the idea or response to an event or situation that the theory aims to address. Students can use examples from the theory to illustrate the phenomenon and emphasize its significance in nursing practice.

The theory description section requires students to provide a general overview of the theory. This should include information about whether the theory is a grand theory or a middle-range theory. Students should also discuss the criteria that classify the theory into its specific category. It is recommended to refer to the original article or study by the theorist as a source for this description.

Following the theory description, students should explain the concepts utilized by the theorist. This involves defining each concept and discussing how the theorist conceptualizes them. It is important to provide clear and concise explanations to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the theory’s core concepts.

In the diagram section, students are required to include an image or diagram of the theory that illustrates the relationships between the concepts. It is crucial to cite the source of the diagram to ensure proper attribution.

After describing the concepts and diagram, students must evaluate the theory. This evaluation should highlight any weaknesses or gaps in the theory. If there is a lack of literature discussing weaknesses, students can offer their own evaluation based on their critical analysis of the theory.

The evaluation section also calls for an assessment of how the metaparadigms are addressed in the theory. Students should determine whether the theory explicitly describes the four metaparadigms of patient, environment, nursing, and health. If the theory does not address all these metaparadigms, students can discuss how the theory addresses the ones that are relevant.

For the application section, students should describe two studies that have used the theory as a framework for their research. They need to explain how these studies operationalized the concepts of the theory in their research design. Additionally, students should discuss how they can utilize the theory in their area of clinical practice. This includes describing the specific phenomenon they would investigate and explaining how they would operationalize the concepts of the theory in their own study.

Finally, the paper should conclude with a concise summary of the main points discussed in the paper. This conclusion should effectively wrap up the paper and leave the reader with a clear understanding of the theory and its potential applications.

By following the template and diligently researching and documenting relevant materials, students can successfully complete their Application of Theoretical Concepts to Research paper. This assignment will enable them to deepen their understanding of nursing theories and their practical implications in clinical practice.