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UMGC Project Integration Management Presentation Nursing Assignment Help

Roundtable Presentation

As a synthesis of the prior eleven weeks, each student will create and lead a round table discussion, using a video recorded platform (e.g. Zoom or Teams) with members of your Group or other current classmates (3 people at minimum). Students will each lead a round table discussion using 5 of the topics covered in the past eleven weeks. The round table discussion must not exceed 20 minutes but must be at least 15 minutes in duration.

Application of Learning:

Video/Presentation must meet time and all other specifications (points deducted for exceeding time requirement and not following the directions outlined)

This Final Exam is an Individual Project

As the host/leader you must clearly identify/introduce yourself and the purpose of the round table discussion – “UMGC IT Project Management Final Exam (give the date & year)”

Your appearance on camera is optional (including classmates)

Round table event must be professionally conducted

  • Creative and well developed presentation slides are required
  • Graphics, animations, statistics, examples etc….are encouraged
  • Font size must be 18 and above

Vocals must be clear, concise, and audible

  • Appropriate attire is required while appearing in the video
  • No swearing or profanity from guests or host
  • Tips:

As the Host, you are being graded on your knowledge of the subject matter.  Please provide a clear overview upfront of the subjects you’re planning to discuss.  

  • Your guests are there to support you by asking questions and to dialogue but you need to be the star of the presentation. Your knowledge must shine!

It is always best to use briefing slides to help organize the discussion.

  • Always wrap-up your presentation properly and add references at the end.

Most of all, enjoy the journey, be creative – think outside of the box in creating your presentation.

Expert Solution Preview

The final exam for this medical course involves a roundtable presentation conducted by each student. The aim of this assignment is to synthesize the knowledge gained throughout the course and apply it to a practical setting. Each student will lead a roundtable discussion using five topics covered in the past eleven weeks. The presentation must be conducted using a video recorded platform, such as Zoom or Teams, and should not exceed 20 minutes in duration, but must be at least 15 minutes long. In this exam, individual performance will be evaluated based on the application of learning, professionalism, and presentation skills.

Answer to the content:
For the roundtable presentation, it is important to adhere to the guidelines and instructions provided. This includes ensuring that the video/presentation meets the time requirement and all other specifications. Exceeding the time limit or not following the directions outlined may result in point deductions. As the host/leader of the roundtable discussion, you must clearly introduce yourself and state the purpose of the discussion. Be sure to mention that it is the “UMGC IT Project Management Final Exam” and provide the date and year.

Although appearance on camera is optional, it is encouraged to maintain professionalism and appropriate attire if you choose to appear. The roundtable event should be professionally conducted, and vocals must be clear, concise, and audible. Make use of creative and well-developed presentation slides, incorporating graphics, animations, statistics, and examples to enhance the presentation. Ensure that the font size used is 18 and above to ensure readability.

As the host, you will be graded based on your knowledge of the subject matter. Therefore, it is recommended to provide a clear overview upfront of the subjects you plan to discuss. While your guests are there to support you by asking questions and engaging in dialogue, it is crucial for you to be the star of the presentation and showcase your knowledge.

Using briefing slides can help organize and structure the discussion effectively. Before concluding, wrap up your presentation properly and include references at the end to support the information presented. Remember to think creatively and outside the box to make your presentation engaging and enjoyable for both yourself and the audience.

In summary, the roundtable presentation is an opportunity for each student to showcase their understanding and application of the topics covered in the course. By following the guidelines and recommendations provided, you can create a professional and informative presentation that demonstrates your knowledge and skills in a clear and engaging manner.

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