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NUR 3165 CIF Nurse Workplace Safety Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

Unit 9 Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum (suggested level of effort: 1 hour)

The purpose of a discussion forum is for students to engage one another over topics related to the course material.  An initial post by each student “sets the table” for follow-on responses by other students.  In a graduate-level academic setting, the initial post is more than describing opinion by the student.  Rather, it is opinion supported by published literature or other references (e.g., refereed journals, textbooks, and especially the PMBOK).  The response post can be less formal but no less thoughtful in content.

Discussion Topic:  Timing Issues related to Resourcing Projects

Initial Post Requirement (20 points):  Minimum 300 words.

Review Section 9-3c, CPM 4e.  For the Suburban Homes Construction Project or the Casa De Paz Development Project, describe a timing issue that could occur early in a project and a timing issue that could occur at the end of a project.  Then, discuss how you would address each of these issues.

Response Post Requirement (10 points):  Minimum 150 words.  In the response post, you will provide a counter opinion or alternative point of view, not simply a reaffirmation of the initial discussion post.  The response post can rely entirely on your experience or it can be a combination of your experience supplemented with information learned from the course reading materials and other references.

Assessment: You will be assessed on 1) content and 2) completeness (e.g., use of in-text citation of references used for summarizing, paraphrasing and quoting and other writing mechanics) and word count. 

Guidance:  See the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) website for guidance on citations and references.   A copy of the Purdue OWL citation chart is provided in the course home page (Moodle).  Discussion forum content can include a combination of material from literature and your own personal experience.  Do some research and find papers that are associated with the topic of the question.  It is recommended that you use the materials provided in this course and the assigned readings in CPM 4e and the PMBOK 6e for references when appropriate for the question you’ve chosen.  Online blogs are not acceptable references.

I have attached those books

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In this assignment, we will discuss the timing issues related to resourcing projects in the context of two specific projects: the Suburban Homes Construction Project and the Casa De Paz Development Project. We will explore a timing issue that could occur early in a project and a timing issue that could occur at the end of a project. Additionally, we will provide recommendations on how to address these issues based on published literature and other relevant references.


Timing Issue Early in a Project – Insufficient Resource Allocation:

One potential timing issue that could occur early in a project is the insufficient allocation of resources. This occurs when the project team fails to accurately estimate and allocate the necessary resources, both human and material, to complete the project tasks within the desired timeframe. This issue may arise due to poor planning, inadequate understanding of the project requirements, or unforeseen circumstances.

To address this timing issue, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive resource planning phase during the initiation and planning stages of the project. This involves conducting a thorough assessment of the project requirements and identifying the specific resources needed to accomplish each task. Additionally, utilizing project management tools and techniques, such as resource allocation software or Gantt charts, can assist in better estimating and allocating the required resources. Regular monitoring and adjustments to resource allocation throughout the project lifecycle are also essential to ensure timely completion.

Timing Issue at the End of a Project – Resource Overallocation:

Another timing issue that could occur at the end of a project is resource overallocation. This occurs when resources are assigned to multiple tasks simultaneously, leading to a project schedule that is not feasible to complete within the given time constraints. This issue may arise due to poor scheduling, improper resource leveling, or an increase in project scope.

To address this timing issue, it is important to adopt effective project scheduling techniques, such as critical path method (CPM), to identify the critical tasks and dependencies. By utilizing resource leveling techniques, such as staggered task assignments or resource reassignment, the project manager can avoid resource overallocation. Constant monitoring and communication with the project team can provide insights into any potential resource conflicts, allowing for timely adjustments to the schedule and resource allocation.

Response Post:

In response to the initial discussion post, I would like to present an alternative point of view regarding the timing issue of resource allocation. While it is essential to utilize published literature and references, practical experience is also valuable in addressing timing issues related to resourcing projects. Drawing on my own experience, I have found that engaging the project team early in the resource planning phase can significantly contribute to the accuracy of resource allocation. By involving team members with expertise in respective areas, a more thorough understanding of resource requirements can be achieved, leading to a more realistic allocation of resources.

Furthermore, building flexibility into the project schedule is also crucial to addressing timing issues. Unforeseen circumstances can often lead to resource constraints, regardless of the level of planning. By incorporating contingency plans and having backup resources available, the project manager can mitigate the impact of resource timing issues. This approach ensures that unexpected delays or changes in resource availability can be accommodated without significantly affecting the overall project timeline.

In conclusion, addressing timing issues related to resourcing projects requires a combination of published literature, references, and practical experience. By conducting comprehensive resource planning, regularly monitoring resource allocation, and incorporating flexibility into the project schedule, project managers can effectively navigate early and end-of-project timing issues.

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