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Infographics are visual representations of information. They can include numbers, text, images, or any combination of the three. Just as in traditional writing assignments, infographics can take on any of the various rhetorical modes — informative, instructive, descriptive, persuasive, etc. Infographics provide a quick way to convey a lot of information. For example, this infographic from the American Association of Nurse Practitioners conveys data related to NPs much more concisely than another paragraph inserted here could have ( will create an Infographic on the topic of Advanced Practice Nursing. You will create an infographic that is easily understood by the lay public or general population. The infographic should provide information useful to communicating the “What, Why, When and How” of APN. Student will select a platform (tool) for building their infographics. There are plenty of great infographic platforms out there. Most are free, but may require that you do set up an account. Check out Infogr.am, Easelly, Piktochart, and Visme. Create the Infographic using one of the above platforms. Post completed infographic in PDF formatExpectations In Format: PDF of visual

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Creating an infographic on the topic of Advanced Practice Nursing is a great way to communicate important information to the general population. Infographics are visual representations that can effectively convey data in a concise and easily understandable manner. In this assignment, students will utilize a platform of their choice (such as Infogr.am, Easelly, Piktochart, or Visme) to create an infographic that addresses the “What, Why, When, and How” of APN.

The expectation for this assignment is to create the infographic and submit it in PDF format. The infographic should be designed to be easily understood by the lay public or general population. It should provide useful information about APN, including its definition, purpose, benefits, and how it is implemented in healthcare settings.

By creating an infographic, students will have the opportunity to practice their communication skills and present complex information in a visually appealing and accessible way. This assignment will also allow them to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the concept of Advanced Practice Nursing.

Infographics are powerful tools for conveying data and information, and can be used in various contexts. In the field of healthcare, they can play a crucial role in educating the public about important topics such as Advanced Practice Nursing. Through this assignment, students will not only enhance their understanding of APN but also develop their ability to effectively communicate complex medical concepts to a broader audience.